Monday, May 20, 2013

Date is set!

I apologize for not being on here too much, Quite a bit has been going on, and the trip is booked, its official. I am Going to Europe next Monday (May 27th, 2013) The plan is to be gone for about 3 weeks and after 1 week of being on my own, my brother Steve is going to fly out and spend the last 2 weeks there. We have decided on the top 4 countries that we want to visit, and the awesome thing is that we chose the exact same ones... drum roll please...... 1. The Netherlands 2. The UK 3. Italy and last but not least 4. Germany!!! I am super excited and plan to be writing on here every step of the way!
I would love some travel advice and some comments from you all! and please share this page around. I would love to share my travels with you all and hopefully entice some of you to travel on your own. We only have so much time in this life, why not save up and use it. I know for me it was a bit of a financial difficulty at first, but for a while I would save a set amount out of my paycheck and that was for my trip, and here I am, about to go on one of my dream trips!!!
On another note, I PASSED MY TICO EXAM!!! So if anyone wants help booking a trip somewhere, I can give you some suggestions and even help you out with booking!
Also, It is just me now (Brittney) Nicole is moving away :( (tear)
alright, peace hope and love y'all!!


  1. Hey, thought I'd share some London places with you! This is the standard email we send to friends who are going to visit London, of places we recommend. Hope you have a great time!

    First, here are the restaurants we liked:

    Chinese - "Wong Kei" in Chinatown, was cheap, but the food was really good. 41-43 Wardour Street W1D 6PY

    And we always followed that with some Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    40 Leicester Square WC2H 7NA

    Fish & Chips - "Rock Sole Plaice" 45-47 Endell Street WC2H 9AJ

    For theatre tickets, you can get good deals on
    I'd recommend you go to at least one big show

    And for figuring out how to get from place to place, you can use the journey planner found at
    it will tell you ways to get from a to b, via bus, walking, train, or tube.

    The best way to hit the major sites is to get on one of the double-decker siteseeing tours. They are hop on & off, so if your announcer guy sucks, you can just catch the next bus.

    Just to warn you, if you ask people for directions, they quite often will make them up if they don't know (bus drivers included), so it would be better if you had a map, or an iPhone.

    Touristy places to see are the London Museum, Tower of London, Hyde Park, Covent Garden Market, there are a bunch of museums in South Kensington that might be interesting if you're into that sort of thing, If you have a Saturday free Portobello Road Market is a huge antiques market that is an experience in itself.
    Hope this helps!