Friday, June 28, 2013

The importance of travel insurance

I was at a travel seminar and learned that we really do take our travel insurance for granted. First of all you want to make sure you have both cancellation and Interruption insurance.

Cancellation insurance is if anything happens up until the time you lock your door.

Interruption insurance is if anything happens after you lock your door.

always always book insurance as soon as you book your trip. You can always cancel the insurance later. Also as soon as you know there is cause to cancel, cancel immediately so there is no penalty to you, if you do not cancel at this point, your claim becomes void. Also, if you book your insurance when you are 74, you will get the package for someone in that package, as long as you book in full while you are 74, it wont matter if you turn 75 on your trip, and if you don't book in full, and if the rates were to go up, you have to pay the difference as well you are best to lock it in before you leave, and like I said you can always cancel.

If anything is to happen on your trip, your insurance will only cover an Economy class seat.

Also look into baggage insurance, if your bag goes missing for more than 12 hours, you are covered for up to $1000 with RBC anyways.

If you are filling out insurance papers, do not ask your agent to help you, if you are are having troubles call your insurance company directly, if anything on your form is wrong, it is null and void immediately.

With RBC you must be 90 days stable health before you book, with most other companies, you have to be stable for 12 MONTHS. Definitely always compare rates equally for every package you look into. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples!!! any questions please feel free to ask. Some secrets of the trade, hope it helps!

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