Monday, June 17, 2013

Visiting family and trip from Germany

I did not write a post in the last few days because I wanted to be able to focus on visiting with my family. On our way back from Germany, train after train was delayed, so we would not have made our next connection and had to start searching.  Our first train from Essen was delayed 15 minutes. Our next train to Amsterdam was on time. We found an alternate route and found that train was going to be 40 minutes late as well and we would Amersfoort every 7 minutes or so. So if we missed one, we wouldn't be keeping our family waiting for too long. Luckily we made this connection on time. we were greeted by Janneke at the station knuffles and kusjes were exchanged and off we went to the car. There we met Janneke's husband Edwin and also exchanged greetings, and off we were to Zwartebroek. We met Tante Hennie, Wikkie, Leendert and Emma. we all sat outside for a bit and chatted and then moved inside as it got chillier. Later on Geurt came in and sat wit us. We went to bed fairly early that night. Saturday morning we were up early to head out to the Open air museum with Janneke, Edwin, and cousin Mark. We spent the morning looking at the way people lived over Holland and windmills and took a ride on a rustic train though the park, and of course we had to go through a beer brewery for the guys to sample. Heading back to Tante Henniea place, we had Chinese and met some more family and had a nice evening together. Steve may or may not have been drunk, and I may have enjoyed some wine a little bit, but it definitely brought on ALOT of laughter. Sunday was my Birthday and we got ti sleep in!!! We woke up and had breakfast, then went for a walk with Geurt and Wikkie, Leendert and Emma. We saw the children's school and walked to the workplace of Geurt. When we got back there were many people there , some we met the night before and others we had never met. Everyone gathered for fathers day and my Birthday,  many kisses and hugs, and it was time for lunch. Traditional soup and buns. Then Jodi stopped by as a surprise. And I was given some beautiful earrings from the family, chocolates and candies and glass cup markers. Soo cool, I was not expecting such a big party. I have such amazing family in Holland,  and at home. We then had an afternoon of chatting, and Birthday cake (and the best cake I have ever had, and that says a lot because I make my own cakes.... gotta find that recipe). Steve enjoyed a nice nap in the afternoon on the Hammock, there were jokes of putting slaagroam on his face while sleeping lol. Then we had finger foods and slowly people began to head home. It was sad to see everyone go. We truly love our dutch family, and they really do welcome you with open arms. I am so glad to be related to this family! In the evening we got a call from dad and we exchanged greetings. "Happy Birthday Brittney" "Happy Fathers day dad" I have an amazing family at home too! In the background I hear everyone wishing me Happy Birthday. Shortly after it was back to bed. This morning, we woke up and packed up, said our goodbyes to Tante Hennir, Alexandra, and Geertje, and off to the train station in Hoevelaak. We said our goodbyes to Janneke and Nick there and off to Amsterdam. Next stop is seeing Johan and the Jelmer tonight.

have missed yet another connection. We found a train to Utrecht and from there a new train leaves to

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