Saturday, November 2, 2013

A trip with the Girls

I have been debating on what to write about, I have many ideas, but for some I would like to gain more experience before writing about them. Yesterday two friends and I decided to go shopping in Port Huron/Fort Gratiot Michigan, which is about an hour away from where I live, so it is quite easy to just drive down and do some shopping, and we find a lot of our groceries are much cheaper there: Milk is almost half price, same with butter, and we can only get my mom's favorite coffee flavouring there. So off we go, we made it in good time and were coming over the Bluewater bridge trying to decide which lane to get into, my friend suggested lane 13 because you go through an area and it splits into 3 stations, it seemed that lane 12 was moving quicker and there was no one behind us, so we switched to lane 12, and then lane 13 started moving much quicker and we almost stopped at the border to wait for our lane. Lucky us, by the time we got there we realized we were in the lane with the woman, now since I am a woman myself, I have nothing against it on a normal day... except for women who are border patrol or cops. For these women, they always have something to prove, I am sorry you have a crappy job and need to prove yourself over all the men that work there, but you do not have to be a jerk at the border, there is no need! I am being polite and coming through the border you work at where I pay $3.00 to 3:50 so you can have a job, and so you can get all lippy at me... nooo thank you. Needless to say, the lady at the border was not a gem, but we brushed it off and enjoyed the rest of our day. We headed to Birchwood mall, Hobby Lobby(where we spent some time playing with the feather boas and decorating hats), then to Hollywood Pizza for lunch (and if you have never been there, I highly recommend it!) then we headed off to Walmart and finished our shopping. Time to head home, so we did the same, picked our lane and waited our turn. Well Whadda ya know... another Sargent lady at the booth, what luck for us. This woman was an absolute prize.. Her: how much did you spend?
Me: we were all under .......$
Her: how much exactly did you spend
Me: going through the vehicle sharing how much we spent
Her: so you all spent less than you said
Me: yes
Her: why didn't you tell me you spent this much?
Me: I did not take time to figure out exact numbers and rounded my estimate, would you like to see the receipts
Her: NO! you know that is considered lying to an officer and you could be arrested
Me: No I did not realize that
Her: you need to know what you spent exactly

now this was quite wonderful.... first off, I did not lie to the officer, I clearly stated that we were all under said amount. If I should pay duty, I will pay duty. but lady, you do not need to be so rude, I am sorry I did not pull into the closest Mc donalds or gas station to pull out my calculator and count down to the exact penny of what I spent, next time I will create an excel sheet for you......... ooh and I will just swim across the river so I don't have to pay your wages so that you can be rude to me thank you very much!

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