Sunday, November 10, 2013

Is it Chile in here or is it Just me

I have taken a personal interest in Chile as of late... over the past 6-8 months to be exact, but for personal reasons, So I thought I would do a post on Chile and their marble caves. I have had these pictures in my archives for a year or two and I am excited to write about them.  They are located in the Patagonian Andes and are called the Cuevas de Marmol, they border the Lake General Carrera (a glacial lake that remotely spans the Chile and Argentina border). I have never seen anything similar (yet) , the water that flows into the very intricate cave system is clear blue and the marble on the cave walls is spectacular, spiraling white and blue into each other. The walls were formed through many many years of waves crashing against calcium carbonate. The swirls in the marble is a reflection of the lakes amazingly blue waters. The only way to reach these caves is by boat, and there are tours available to get to these caves, weather permitting. Defiantly a sight for sore eyes :)

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