Monday, November 4, 2013

Start with something I know Niagara Falls

I absolutely Love Waterfalls! The beauty of thousands of litres of water slowly eroding at a crust of rock over thousands of years, feeling the mist hit your face as you walk towards it, and for the smaller waterfalls, imagining swimming under the falls and maybe finding a secret cave. How does a waterfall start? slowly! Just like everything good in life, like writing a blog and finding the people that you can bless with your writings and what you have to offer. The Niagara falls is ginormous! I have only been able to visit it twice and it is only a few hours from where I live, I have been to Amsterdam just as many times as I have been to a natural wonder of the world in my own country. Shameful I tell you, but I have plans to go back and show some special friends of mine what beauty it has to offer and the magnitude of glory that you see when you first look at them. You hear this giant rumbling and you can feel the water shaking the ground beneath you as you walk along the side of the falls. people were lined all the way down looking over trying to get the best picture. Many pictures were taken, and so many different ways to see the falls, but I like to see it for what it is. Its beauty, its complete, total and natural beauty! I could have walked down that stretch along the falls for hours... oh wait... we did and we got absolutely soaked at the end of it, but every second was worth it. We walked up Clifton hill and it is steep but it was a lot of fun to see the Ripley's Museums and the Rain forest CafĂ©. There are so many cool things to see and we really only had time to do one of the attractions, so we settled on the Ripley's museum. It was fantastic, we made fools of ourselves on a two way mirror, which we kind of knew it was, but it was funny anyways and we would never see those people again.

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