Monday, March 11, 2013

Not your New York

Maybe I am just a little obvious here, but I love the thought of New York city, I love imagining the tall sky scrapers and the statue of liberty, and I love that New York city is where everything happens. From watching Gossip Girl the past several years to Alicia Keys song Empire state of mind, every bit of it gets me excited to go there someday. I don't know why it all seems so exciting to me, but here it is... this is me... like it or leave it. At one point I thought about living there, and I still am interested in spending some time there. I imagine the double Decker busses and touristy areas, and the skyline is to die for (from the pictures I have seen). I want to walk in Central Park in the winter, and in the summer... and if any of you have seen "A Troll in Central Park" there is a little inspiration and wanderlust there... or imagining the "It takes Two" helicopters landing in the middle of a baseball field. Imagining living in Manhattan right on the riverfront, seeing barges and boats go by. Seeing Times Square for all it really is, everything together makes it somewhat magical to me and I am pretty sure I would run out of room on my phone from taking pictures. And something about the Brooklyn bridge causes images of being stuck in a traffic jam on it... and maybe sitting there in that jam imagining the Spider man Lizard tailing my taxi lol ... even taking a taxi... which is something I did... but not a NYC taxi.

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