Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bucket List

Brittney's Bucket List!

This list is going to grow as I go along, any suggestions welcome!!! Travel the world is deff a given!

1.  witness baby Loggerhead Turtles hatching at Mon Repos Queensland.
                     Nesting from november to january after dark
                     Hatching from January to march 7pm to midnight

2. Whale Watching in British Columbia

3. Go up the Statue of Liberty

4. Mayyybe go skydiving

5. Zip lining

6. Swim with Dolphins

7. Pizza in Italy

8. Walk through Central park

9. Explore a Castle

10. Run 10 k

11. learn to snowboard/ski

12. hot air balloon ride (lonter than 5 mins)

13. See a shooting star

14. Archery

15. be part of a flash mob

16. Go on a "random road" road trip

17. soak in a hot spring.

18. Learn to surf

19. Go to croatia to see  the waterfalls

20. Ride elephants in Thailand

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