Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 more sleeps!

The count down is on... and I have been thinking" what to write until I leave"... only 5 more sleeps. So packing... What to pack, my goal is to get it all into one carry on and one back pack. I am bringing an extra suitcase along to bring souvenirs back and to family in the Netherlands, I am hopefully leaving it at a friends place while travelling. So me (yes a girl) I am going to pack light... I want to take my flat iron and make up and all that jazz... and we will see if I do or not, but packing light is the goal... less is more ect ect.
Also, yesterday I went to my first SANDALS and BEACHES presentation, it was soo cool, Sandals is gorgeous and for those couples who are in loves and Beaches is family oriented, but also within the same company. I am thinking of putting a couples group together to Sandals... interested?  well Its time for me to do some Laundry and packing, tomorrow is shopping for bits and bobs (trying to get my UK slang in) and then full out packing!!! WOOT WOOT!
Happy Travels
- B

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