Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Europe trip Amsterdam day one

well the day begin exciting we went to the airport in Toronto and as you can see in the fifollowing picture Lisa was my chauffeur and Bradley was the bell boy and we had a great time together driving out and waiting for the plane. And of course out of all the excitement we left way too early. Then while getting on the plane
it was very busy so we get on this quickly as we can and we finally sit and a couple came and sat next to me and it turned out they were sitting in the wrong seat then when the person I was sitting next to set beside me it turned out that in between us there was only one of three empty seats on the entire plane so after some shuffling around we were able to get situated. The reason we shuffled around was for this family who had three very young children so they could sit together unfortunately it didn't work out right away that way so I was sitting next to mom in the three kids and giving her hand and she was clearly overwhelmed and when we were able to switch seats with myself and her husband it worked out perfectly. Then it was time to leave and we sat at the end of the runway for about 50 minutes to an hour. 
 when we finally took off we were delayed by a little over an hour and we had to be rerouted so that flight path would work. The flight was very smooth and the service is great it was quite enjoyable time. We got a little antsy near the end  and I was ready to get off the plane so when we finally touchdown it was a mad rush to get off the plane it took awhile to find where the luggage was and to get it all out and of course mine had to be one of the last bags out so suggestions all you travelers don't be one of the first checking your bags because it will come out last. When we got to Amsterdam train station bation I got my ticket I went downstairs and I missed the first train by one minute so my next train was at 10:07a.m. and caught the train to Amersfoort where I met up with my tante Joke and we have been spending the afternoon together since we went for a walk in Bunschoten and had some ice cream spent the rest of the afternoon just chatting. tonight we go to see her parents and then tomorrow to visit Jodi

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  1. Enjoyed your update Brittney!
    I love the picture at the top... a familiar and awesome sight.
    Wishing you all a fun day tomorrow!
    Hugs from home...