Monday, June 10, 2013

Fast cars and freedom in Germany!

We are officially in Germany, and had our first ride on the autobahn!!! I think we clocked in just over 220 km per hour, that was Epic! We met up with Patrick at the train station... when we found the right one (note to self: do not assume there is only one train station in a city no matter how small you think it may be! ) Patrick gave us a tour of the campus and a beer... in Germany you can just walk around anywhere with a beer in your hand... ooh yeah and you can have a beer in the car as long as your not driving! Say what!?!?!? Shortly after, we were able to meet up with Irina, both of these people are so welcoming and wonderful to talk to, made us feel like we were at home!  we headed out to Lembeck to get Patricks brothers car so we could experience the autobahn at its full capacity. First thought to self: why don't we do this in Canada? Second thought to self: if we did have this in Canada... a lot more people would die... issue resolved! We were able to see a castle that actually rents out apartments... seriously? "Yeah I'm just a regular commoner living in a castle" Whaaa!?!?! How freaking cool! Imagine going to Buckingham castle and saying "your majesty, I would like to live in your castle"...Pfffft yeah right... super cool. We then hung out with patricks family at their place, and they are all just hilarious, laughing all night and time flew so fast! So far lovin Germany!  Tomorrow is Cologne and Dusseldorf :-D

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