Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Galavanting in Germany

I tried something new today... somethong I never thought I would do... we ate raw meat.... yes its true... a raw meat spread gor breakfast. Patrick and Irina convinced us to try it and it was amazingly good, so thats for you dad, I have seen you do it but never thought I would... Cheers... but sill not going to do the raw fish in Amsterdam! after a lovely breakfast with our wonderful hosts, Irina brought us to the train station and helped us on our way to Cologne. We had no idea what to expect. Brilliant! The first thing we saw there was the Dom church hello Amazing! The architecture,  the detail, the magnificance and grandure... I think this even trumps the Notre Dame in Paris. We also saw the lock bridge...this isnt one of those lock bridges where the water rises and lowers, this is a bridge where lovers carve their names and anniversary date on a lock and hang it on the bridge... the locks went on forever, I think they also throw the key over into the river,  it was so cool and someday I will be back to put a lock on that bridge! Next was on to Dusseldorf, we arrived, walked around but were not able to find much of interest to us... so onward troups... bacl to Essen hdf and walk around in the mall... good stuffs! And to finish off the evening, we headed out for dinner... steve went for ribs, Irina went for steak and me, I went for the cordon bleu schnitzel, and finished the night off with cocktails yum!

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