Saturday, June 8, 2013

London bridge is falling down

Woke up with lots of sleep under our belts, and wanting a shower lol, ok time to try out this shower... well nice and hot, and I mean HOT lol. We were going to hit up westminster abbey today, but first some breakfast/lunch. Off we go to Garfunkels, a great deal for a starter and main course, even cheaper than just the meal itself.. yay lunch menu! Off to the 24 bus again. And heading to the Abbey ... AGAIN WE MISSED IT!?! by only a few minutes, oh well lets go on a canal cruise, from this we got to see the london bridge and the london tower, and something that only happens once or twice a day, the tower actually did open, it was very cool, we headed all the way to Greenwich village I think it was called and on the way we saw an actual pirate ship, st. Pauls Cathedral, a tower Steve did a project on and beaches of the river thames. All very cool! Headed back to the docking station and after all these sights it was time to head to the coach station to go back to Amsterdam.... the bus was nicely... packed like sardines in a tin can, no joke but it felt like a shorter ride then the ride before so thats a bonus!

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