Friday, June 7, 2013

London, Bloody London

We found 2 days in London was enough for all of our sightseeing needs, from Westminster abbey to M&M world, we saw mostly all of it. We started the trip with a 10 hour bus ride from Amsterdam's Amstel station, to Victoria Coach Station in Westminster London. Getting off the bus at 5:40 in the morning was strange, we were both almost out of battery on our phones, and actually had a hard time finding wifi, and both being ready for some nourishment, we headed into a tavern for some breakfast. It was delicious and I would say a good bargain for 4 pounds. sausage, ham (I think it was their version of bacon) baked beans, toast, sausage, eggs, and a warmed half of a tomato. We were able to save enough battery to find a hotel for the night for 65 pounds... you definitely get what you pay for when every other hotel there is at least 200 pounds a night... this place was super sketchy, 101 belgrave rd the Corbigoe hotel..... how it Got 3 stars I will never know and will never go back to that hotel, the check in attendant was also very very creepy. We stayed there one night and that was enough! We had a nap when we got to our room and then off to see London. The first thing we saw was BUCKINGHAM PALACE!!! That was so cool! The weather was beautiful so we walked the almost 2 miles to get out London pass... guess who got burnt by the son... IN LONDON?!?!?! I know right? I never thought I would need sunscreen for the UK from what I had heard, but the sun seems to be following us wherever we go. Next we stopped in a park for some shade just off Mall street. Steven, my crazy brother was hot and wanted to wear shorts, so funny guy that he is (and of course learning from his best friend Kyle) he decided to sit under a tree and change his pants right there in public on Mall street in London... That's my brother for you folks.... hilarious. It is a good thing he decided to bring his bag with him, or he would be sweating buckets. Next Stop: London pass! ooh my we had a fun time finding this place, just right of Leicester Square, which is basically next to Trafalgar square.  Well we found it! got our London passes and our tickets for public transportation, it became so easy to find our way around after that, everywhere we needed to go, we got on to "bus twenty- four to Pimlico."  This bus went right by our hotel, to the main parts of the tourist areas in the city, just everywhere we needed to go... except Pimlico. Day one, we started at M&M world... I never expected anything like it, it smelled like chocolate (of course) and there were M&M characters everywhere! 4 Stories of M&M merchandise not to mention the actual walls full of different mix and match M&M choices, AND we didn't buy anything!!! woot woot go us... Steve was looking at buying some boxers (the ones he bought right before the trip were about the right size for hmm my nephew... but he decided to pass up on them because they were 15 POUNDS... who needs underwear that costs 25 Canadian dollars... I don't think so! Next was off to see the New Elizabeth tower ( BIG BEN) and the parliament buildings, also we saw the Westminster Abbey (though we were too late to go in) we headed out for some dinner at subway and tip to follow... we decided to get drinks and since water costs an arm and a leg, so we filled up our cups with ice first and dumped it in our water bottles and then went for our meal drinks. We headed back to the sketch hotel and ended up passing out for 12 hrs 

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Hope you took lots of pictures! <3 U both