Thursday, June 13, 2013

Neuschwanstein... that is all!

Our trip to Neushcwanstein started at 5 am yesterday (June 12) and we had stayed at Patrick and Irina's the night before. Patrick offered to bring us to the train station since there was no transit that early, so he was up super early ad well. We got on our train and not much to tell for the train ride... 9 hours layer we were in Fussen and getting on a bus to go to the castle. My advice is don't go unless you are within a few hours. The view was more than beautiful, but we waited in line for 2 hours in line for a 15 minute tour of a castle that is not done. the countryside and the mountains surrounding were beautiful as well, that made the trip more exciting. So over all, I would suggest this castle if you are within... say... 3 hours from the castle by train. We made our way back to Munich and found some Internet connection and booked a hotel in Augsburg. We arrived around midnight and finished our journey this morning. Arrived back in Essen around 7 pm and are soon going to head out to the German bars to party with Patrick and Irina for a final hurrah before we leave Germany! Tomorrow we are excited to meet up with family!! We are very excited to see family (that Steve has never met)

this one is for mom and dad, we saw this carved in a tree on our hike down from the castle

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