Monday, January 6, 2014

Frustrations in booking with certain airlines

We are very excited to be welcoming some visitors from the Netherlands this summer!!! Alex and Simone and their two kids will be coming in  July, frankly, we are over the moon! Here is one of the experiences that I had trying to book them a flight. We were looking for flights from here, and they were also looking for flights from Holland. I found a great deal!!! I was so excited to book it for them and the price was much lower than anything else I could find and also than they could find. So here I am on the phone with Sunwing. I called and said, Hello, I would like to book some people on a flight from Amsterdam to Toronto. "you mean Toronto to Amsterdam." I said no, I would like from Amsterdam to Toronto and then back to Amsterdam. She asked if I would hold. ok... no problem... being on hold is what travel agents do. so then I am transferred to the French line.... sorry guys I do not speak French... so here we go again, he asked what I would like and I told him. Once again, Brittney is on hold... thanks sunwing... then finally I get someone who speaks English and I had to explain once again what I was looking for. He finally said we have plains that fly from Toronto to Amsterdam and Amsterdam back to Toronto, however you need to leave from Canada to fly back to Canada... so a half an hour of phone Ping-Pong... and they couldn't tell me that at the beginning... nice to know... is that not the stupidest thing ever?

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