Monday, January 6, 2014

Off again....

Right now I am sitting at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, I am writing this on Friday, but will not be able to post until tomorrow because this trip is a surprise for a very special someone, my flight will leave this afternoon at 2 pm and I will head to John F Kennedy airport with a 3 hour layover, and then off again, and on my way to Zurich Switzerland! I will arrive at 8 am local time. I have always wanted to travel to New York City, and this will be my first time there and I will be sitting in the airport. My first flight has been delayed about 40 minutes, but I should be able to make the connection with no problem as long as they do not leave later than scheduled. I am getting that feeling... the feeling that I get whenever I am going to travel somewhere, the tingly feeling, I think I am more nervous about the travel than the surprise itself. From now until the time that I arrive, I have 15 more hours left. I am just ready to be on the plane and fall asleep, I didn't actually sleep much last night due to excitement and just getting everything ready. I was up at 6:45 just getting the final touches on everything, packing the last minute things and getting all dolled up since my makeup and stuff had to go into checked baggage, here's hoping this fairly expensive makeup works as it should. I said my goodbyes, to my brothers, then to my sisters and my grandmother who is visiting until tomorrow, then to my mom, who I could see a little tear in her eye as I was leaving, then off in the truck with dad and headed to the airport. It was a fairly smooth ride and we made it in plenty of time, even though dad tried to go slowly so that he could conserve fuel, our family is known for having a little bit of a lead foot when it comes to driving. I was dropped off at Terminal 3 and let me just say... the security has increased, I went to a self check in, then had to go show my passport once, then to declaration machines, then to a security declaration guy, then through the place where they check your carry on, which is where I was stopped for a moment... not sure why, but all was clear... did you know you now have to take your belt, sweater and shoes off... even just plain jane shoes.... crazy, after that, one more passport check before we get to the gates, and then once more when we are about to board the plane... wooow has airport security got tough.... they dont make anything easy for you anymore... at least one of the customs/declarations guys was nice and said to have a nice and safe trip. I am sooo ready to sleep right now, but am going to sleep on my flight from New York to Zurich.

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