Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Long time comin'

Good afternoon everyone,

my apologies for it taking so long to post again, life has just been happening, from 3 weddings in the family and births and funerals... life has been crazy

update: things did not work out the way they were meant to with that special someone in my last post.

I am ready to start some new things in my life. I am currently on a weight loss program but thinking of all the yummy treats that I have had from all over the world... I love to travel and I also love to eat... I am debating starting a you tube channel about food and travels from around the world...

to catch you up, my entire family went on a vacation to the Netherlands to visit the family and for everyone to have a chance to see the homeland... I love it there, and I could certainly live there! We were staggered there within 3 weeks, but we all spent a wonderful week together in the middle where we had a family reunion, got to see where Grandpa and Opa grew up... but more about this later... best that we start from the beginning. Mom and Dad left about half a week earlier than we did, they wanted the time to be able to prepare the cottages that we stayed in Center Parc de Eemhof, which is a lovely little cottage village with 1000 little cottages ranging in persons per cabin and in comfort. First thing about this village that you need to know... be prepared to walk... A LOT!!! we got some good exercise while we were there, walking to go shopping in the little town center, walking to the bus or the vehicles, and my favorite, walking to the Ferry that would take us to my favorite Dutch Village BUNSCHOTEN - SPAKENBURG. I absolutely love it there and could live there. Saturdays were market day and that was the first day that we were there. We had planned to do some browsing and we met up with Jacob, Joke and Riekie, her husband Henk also joined us later on. We tried many cheeses and yummy snacks (my favorite is Spakenburgse Jan  Hagel) and so many soft breads. We frequented the Jan Hartog bakery which was open through the week and not just on Market day... and still every Saturday we say "today is Market day." In the first week, we stuffed it full of events... We went to the JUMBO shopping, had family come to out cottage to celebrate Birthdays, we fed the ducks and fish off the balcony, went to the Train station in Nijkerk where we took the train to Amersfoort, went shopping and saw the DOM TOWER, where we did not climb it, but enjoyed the beautiful gardens. We were able to see a replica to scale of NOAHS ARK, and went to a place that has tiny replicas of buildings in Holland called MADEURODAM. We took a tour through GIETHOORN where there are no roads.... they even move the cattle by boat. One special afternoon, we were able to take a ride on a special traditional fishing ship in Spakenburg, the owner was an inlaw of my fathers cousin, that was so cool, we learned about the eel and fishing and how shallow the water is there, and had many wonderful cheeses on bread. 

That afternoon is when more family arrived, and we were preparing for a family reunion the next day. The next morning, my parents had a surprise for me... my Boyfriend jumped out of a bush at me... very romantic.... but it was so sweet that they planned that surprise for me, even if I did have a little suspicion. We had an wonderful reunion with so many people that I have not seen for years. I have wonderful family and each one of them made an impact on my life and has a piece of my heart. We went on a canal cruise through Amsterdam, Some went to see the Royal Concert Gebow orchestra building, and since we have a wonderful family member that works there, there was a tour through the hall, and the rest of the group did the traditional red light district. We all met up at the Heineken Experience and I am not a beer drinker, but my family certainly enjoyed my free beers... the factory was cool but it was so hot that I don't think we were able to enjoy it as we should have. I was also able to say a quick hello to a friend of mine from Amsterdam!

At the end of the week, my boyfriend went home, and so did some family, it was sad to see them go, but I was off on another adventure, time to go to Switzerland and visit my wonderful friend Macarena, who also had some family visiting from South America. We saw the Rhine falls, went shopping, and to the beach. We had a blast... though the temperature was crazy hot... 30 degrees celcius at times... but I love Switzerland, and then it was time to head back to the Netherlands. When I arrived, my cousin Jodi took me out for dinner at De Smickel Pancake house... yummmm!!! Dutch pancakes are the best!!! I was able to say goodbye to her and to some family from Spakenburg... I miss the Netherlands... it is my second home no doubt and I will be travelling there again soon!
but for now we will be looking at some other places I would like to go and maybe some yummy foods to try?

have a great day everyone!
Brittney the lover of travelling!

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