Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sitting watching the Tube

Whenever my dad is off at a meeting at night and I don't end up working late, my mom and I sit in the living room watching one of our favorite shows, Rick Steves Europe. I love this show, and on tonight is Amsterdam!!! One of my favorite places to go, and where I am heading in about 2 months!!!! I am off to see my family, friends and do a little exploring, and although I have been to the Netherlands before, I am so excited to go again, see the canals in Amsterdam, see the windmills, the city, the people, just the life in general, the hustle and bustle of the city. This show reinvents all of my dreams over again. I want to show people the world... maybe put together tours and lead them someday. I want to share the experiences and dreams I have with others and let them get that feeling of awe. There is nothing like it in the world to see new and dated, young and old, different cultures and generations bridging together in one post modern time. I am a sucker for many things, one being through nature, like seeing waterfalls cascade down the side of the mountain, or others being man made, with Gothic cathedrals towering up to the skies and stained glass windows showing such mastered delicate pictures. What do we have in life if we cant enjoy what is around us. If you ever want help planning a trip, I am one of the best people to help you out!

- B

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