Friday, May 31, 2013

europe Ams cafes canals churches and cacti

Yes quite a title and all true, including the cacti! Starting with sitting on the couch with Jelly and a cup of coffee looking through tourist books. We picked a bunch of yesses and maybes, and then narrowed it down to The New Church, the botanical gardens and Rembrandt's house and we decided to go with the first two for diversity.  A couple trains and trams and quite a bit of walking brought us to the New Church. Here is where recently Prince Willem Alexander was crowned king and there were such cool items from the previous royalty. Beautiful garments, lavished thrones and amazing artwork. We walked around listening to informative history, it was so interesting, I almost had a tear watching queen Beatrix pass on the throne to her son and seeing the way she was proud of her son. We walked around some more and through the gift shop and on our way out, we signed a guest book, it says Brittney from Canada and the date beside it.. though I wrote June 1st 2013 lol. Next headed towards the botanical gatdens, it was really cool and verrrry hot lol. We were able to see cacti amd butterfly and I know this rhymes. But its just the time... anyways it was really cool and my favorite part was watching the butterflies swirling around me. And as a spur of the moment we stopped in at a cafe for some refreshment. And then it was off to the canals in Amsterdam, I could go through canals over and over again, I find them so fascinating every single time and when we got in the harbor, I re-realized how much I love hearing the water splash up against the side of the boat and feeling the spray of the water from what used to actually be ocean. My heart was at sea for a moment and there I was lost at sea with some amazing company... who by the way knows so much histpry, so if you ever are interested, I will hook you up. Once that was done we headed back to the apartment but had to stop in at Albert Heign (he he just for you mom)... and sitting here watching a Big Bang Marathon! LOVE! LOL.
 The signed documents of king Willem Alexander, his wife and mother Queen Beatrix

 very very hot here
 For my sister Katie... thought of you when I saw these

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