Friday, May 31, 2013

Europe trip Amsterdam day 2 the red light district

What a day! Ok so I had woke up after a 5 hr sleep and Jelly was already gone for work, so I thought... ill go for a walk and find the local albert heign store and maybe find something to make for dinner and suprise Jelly... well...I got lost in Amsterdam for 3 hours and ended up walking around. It was no problem and cool to see. I ended up by a petting zoo, walked by a couple schools and lots of parks. After 3 hours of meandering I decided to ask how to get back, and I decided to ask a woman with a baby, always a safe bet! (Guys just ask a guy lol)  made it back to the apartment about 2 mins down the road. Was unlocking the door and Jelly scared the absolute bejeepers out of me, I thought he was going to be back around 6... boy was I wrong . So shortly after Jelly made dinner and it was tots amazeballs haha but seriously really good! then we went to wander the city of Amsterdam, saw many cool sights like rembrandts

house and the palace ect, super cool... but we didnt go to the red light district... I know I know I gotcha hehe and came back, watched some big bang theory and headed to bed...zzzz

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  1. Sounds like you had a good day and saw lots of Amsterdam! Enjoying your pictures and blog.
    Have fun!