Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Europe trip... the Plane

Aftera long way to get on the plane we finally seated i was lucky enough to have the seat next to myself and all alone and then there was an oops so we tried to reshuffle in around we're getting ready to head out made it to the runway and we ended up waiting at the end of the runway for about 15 minutes we were told that we're going to be delayed and had to take an alternative route to get to Amsterdam we finally left about 7:20 p.m. when our plane was supposed totake off but an hour earlier after the prior shifting around we were also going to arrive about 40 minutes later because of the flight path alterations I ended up sitting next to a very lovely lady and her spunky kids all very full of life and all very excitable for the plane ride unfortunately we cannot move around enough so the husband could sit was his way it's a good thing I wonder full experience for my three nieces and two nephews I was able to help calm kids down a bit I think it was helpful for mom as well to have someone who is okay with kids finally the plane takes off and we're up in the air I go to take a sip of my water little did I know that water bottles of straws do not like pressure read much neither do my ears I open the bottle and it comes off geyser of water all over me in a bit over the seat into the behind also in IPit was s 509 sitting here in flames going smoothly of time to relax

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