Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Europe trip Utrecht to Amsterdam

Last night must have been the best sleep ever! I slept from 9:30pm to 9:30 am waking only for a brief moment, and today was beautiful with no jet lag whatsoever!!! Spent a wonderful morning with tante Joke and then my cousin Jodi joined us for the afternoon, I have not seen any of them for over 10 years so it was quite a wonderful day! tante Joke and I took the train to Utrect from Amersfoort and spent the rest of the morning walking through the streets and looking in the Dom Kerk, it was amazing architecture, we also saw some hidden gardens in the city. We then booked our tickets for the afternoon, and headed to the restaurant where we were to meet Jodi. By the time our coffee was done, Jodi had arrived and there were hugs all around. Waiting for food didnt take long either and it was quite fresh. Heading from lunch to the Dom tower was next for 3 o'clock and I knew it was 4 hundred and 60 some odd steps I thought... shouldnt be too bad... little did I know... the steps became narrower and steeper, so near the top was... tough to say the least, but an amazing accomplishment to climb the highest church tower in the Netherlands. lets just say that going down was the easy part lol. We stopped after for some iced tea and some iced cappuccino's which was very refreshing after the tower, especially on the cold day it was. Next up we walked around for a bit until the canal ride time. That was so neat seeing the parts of Utrecht that you can only see by boat, there are a lot of restaurants and apartments down by the canals, and some cool history of the city... (the driver also hit a parked boat!!! LOL) following that we headed back to centraal station to meet up with Jelmer who is based out of Utrecht.  So we said our goodbyes and headed off to Amsterdam by train. When we got back, we caught up some... shared some stories and then he put his Canadian flag up (he does that when he has Canadian company) and then

watched "the Muppets" what a good laugh... now I am in bed and ready for lights out
Good night all!

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